March 4, 2022

Why You’re Who We’re Seeking in This Time of Great Madness

Last week you and I, we had ‘challenges’ galore.
(We’re not strangers to heartache, to pain.)
Now the scale of our worries is put firm in its place
As horror engulfs Europe again.

“But, how can I help?” you may cry in dismay.
“The problems seem so at arm’s length!”
Now, I see that you’ve not yet considered the ways
In which your work gives others their strength.

Each decision we lay down in our business today
Ripples wide into countless of lives.
When your culture oozes ‘Joy, Care, Compassion’, you’ll find
You’ll inherently soothe stress and strife.

Not one of us works as an island remote.
What we yearn for will shape our firm’s sway.
If it’s popularity, power and possessions you seek,
You’ll rue fruit from that seed one fine day.

You and I, we’re not giants of commerce, I know.
We don’t carry that weight and that clout.
But this world needs our light in its dark, dismal hours.
Evil triumphs when Good Men do nowt!

You may think “It’s just me and my colleagues in here.
What possible force can we bring?”

Yet the world that I see has been saved by ‘The One’:
(Think Gandhi, Mandela and King!)

Please don’t belittle the light in your business that’s you.
Show the way as each ‘Ukraine’ unfurls.
Strive for goodness in your sphere. I’ll repeat that in mine.
And together we’ll o’erwhelm the world.
And together, we’ll o’erwhem the world.

© An original poem BY David J Scarlett