March 10, 2022

Do this, and others will gladly follow you

Oftentimes in our business we fail to perceive
That good leadership’s a matter of choice.
Whatever the title we hold (or we don’t),
We each have a conscience, a voice.

Know this, people don’t want you to ‘manage’ them
(Ever tried to ‘manage’ a teen?)
But they do love to follow a leader who shows them
A future neither rote nor routine.

Because, what this world cries out for right now
Are those who can lift, build, inspire.
And I don’t mean charisma, nor noisy rhetoric.
Rather, nurtures our gifts; takes us higher.

Through twenty full years of researching and coaching
I’ve learned to look out for four skills.
Four leadership qualities, character and traits
That reveal their intent and their will.

I’ll turn our attention to just one trait today
We’ll call it ‘Being Other-Focused’.
It’s the strength to place self at the perimeter
And our Ego’s cry tuned down to “lowest”.

It’s the wisdom to see that our Primary Client
Is the team who strives to serve with us.
And the way we show clients “Because Here… You Do Matter”
Shows leadership that’s visionary, judicious.

These leaders aren’t driven by mansions, by cash.
Wealth’s not their point – it’s their outcome.
Their talent is harnessing other’s raw gifts.
They double those strengths; and then some.

Perhaps – like me – your life’s also been blessed by
Leaders who’ve magnified what you could give.
Now the world looks to you: the work just you can do
To unleash how we work, how we could live.
To unleash how we work, how we could live.

© An original poem BY David J Scarlett