March 17, 2022

The Elixir You Give to Others

There is a force that breathes new life
Into a fretful, worrisome hour.
That force is ‘Hope!’. It sparks the soul.
Before it ‘Fear’ and ‘Despond’ cower.

We bring this ‘Hope’ to trusting clients.
Yet first, we need the gifts and skills.
It’s in our power to liberate
Lost yearnings, and dreams unfulfilled.

What is this gift? What skill is that?
What can cause lives to so transform?
They’re smothered ‘neath the fallacy
That logic and data are valued norms.

No tax we save, no growth we gain
Will create the impact we expect.
Unless we understand where ‘Hope’
Lies in our Plans, ruled by Context.

The skills we seek, lie well outside
The prowess of The Great Technician.
When I first witnessed their effect
I felt, “I’m watching a magician!”

What I observed that memorable day
Reshaped my future, I confess.
It was when Financial Planning, honed,
With Coaching Skills did coalesce.

When these, combined, are how you serve,
When you create a sanctuary space,
You’ll help them see their life anew.
Transport them to more hopeful place.

It’s Hope that lets a people stand
When foes would dash them to the ground.
It’s Hope that soothes an anxious heart.
Gives strength when all looks lost around.

So why not use your time with folk
To build much more than Clever Plans?
What gift could meld with ‘Love’ more keen
Than Hope: the hour they say “I can!”
Give Hope: and let them see “I can!”

© An original poem BY David J Scarlett