March 25, 2022

The Courage to Be Different

“Why would you venture?” You may ask.
“Why take the risk? Things could get worse!”
Well, let me share what lies behind
This choice, to pen my thoughts in verse.

How often have you yearned to stamp
Your mark, so when the moment came
For folk to choose, they’d recollect
The “Memorable!” linking to your name?

There comes a point where ‘normal’ serves
To merely paint your business grey.
When little lifts you ‘bove the herd.
And bland’s the flavour of the day.

It’s fearful choice to dare this road:
To step where others think unwise.
To toss tradition to the winds,
And reach ideas beyond their eyes.

We yearn so to look credible,
Our doubts belittle us, it seems.
The cry “What will they think of me?”
Chokes the substance of our dreams.

Before you fondly hug routine,
A stark truth you must understand.
Unless ‘distinctive!’ is your work,
You’ll strive too hard – a cliché brand.

So, heed the gauntlet I’ll throw down:
Within you skills, gifts, lie concealed.
Cast off your ‘suit’. Be different!
Who knows what future you’ll reveal?

Long years from now, their memories dull,
They’ll think of you, and give a nod.
You’ll be there in their fond refrains,
Because you choose a road less trod.
Because you choose a road less trod.

© An original poem by David J Scarlett