February 17, 2022

The Supreme Difference Only You Can Make

In business, it’s tempting to measure ourselves
When others flaunt glory or wares.
It’s then that we’re blinded by our tiny flaws,
Our secrets, our weakness, our fears.

When egos so bloated loud ‘round us roar,
Blown high, deep and wide by the ‘Net;
It’s so easy to swallow those layers of sham.
Yet, there’s a truth we cannot forget!

For we enter this life with our starts so diverse,
Each endowed with history’s sack.
Mine might be gilded by cherish and choice.
Yours fraught and weighed with such lack.

The wonder is not where our entrance begins,
But the direction in which tilts our slope.
What we do now with that which we’re given.
Therein lies strength, wonder and hope.

There’s a task that’s crafted uniquely for you.
This might be a world-shifting labour.
P ‘raps your effort’s a well, where many will drink.
Or your sowing, a harvest they’ll savour.

So rejoice when you see how your slope’s inclined
From that point where you stood as a child!
Now turn to the future. What plan you to do
With your one life, so precious and wild?
With your one life, so precious, so wild?

© An Original Poem by David J Scarlett