June 24, 2022

Why Clients Want Your Emotion Not Just Your Logic

I remember the shock when I studied that report.
Confused and aghast. And my senses did reel.
“The assumptions you’re making of how clients view you.
How seldom they match what is true, what is real!”

(In the 10 years since then, all the research I’ve studied
Has led me to see an unquestionable fact.
What we think clients love, why we think they would praise us,
If we read what they said – how much different we’d act!)

At first, I did bluster “They’ve got it all so wrong!”
My income, my insight, don’t they go hand in glove?”
Then, one day I envisioned a future more glorious.
What opened my eyes was a book about LOVE!

Now you might exclaim “What’s love got to do with it?
We’re trying to act so professionally here!”
Until you start reading ‘The 5 Love Languages’
And then you’ll see why I share what I share.

In human relationships we tend to offer
The care and the service we’d love to receive.
The problem that tends to negate all our efforts
Is that what others want we can hardly conceive!

There are some who will yearn for your words complemental.
For them such expression’s like food and like drink.
Yet others would rather you show that you care by
The time you spend with them (means more than you’d think!).

And then there are those who delight when you offer
To lift what they see as a burdensome chore.
Whilst others are much more inclined to feel joy when
You give physical symbols which show you care more.

“That’s four that I’ve noted.” (Just in case you’ve been counting).
“What’s the fifth?” Ah! And here I’ll leave you a brief clue.
For the fifth is what happens when we spend more time touching.
I’ll leave you to think how that translates for you!

Think of the heartache we all have experienced
When relationships sour and we’re left in despair.
Then think of the heights our daily lives soar to
When we are assured that we matter. They care!

It matters so little whether personal or business.
Their trust it will deepen, our influence will grow.
When we speak to the language that matters to them most
Then we both are uplifted, and good things start to flow.
Then we both are uplifted, and good things start to flow.