June 16, 2022

You’re More Courageous Than You Believe

Success is not final. Nor is failure so fatal.
It’s the courage to continue that counts.” Said he.
Now you might recognise the voice forceful behind this.
It’s Churchill, speaking bullish, so that we could stay free.

He made painful mistakes. Let’s not gloss that fact over.
Collapsing an empire caused much chaos and strife.
Yet, the bulldog within him, in those darkest of hours
Showed 3 lessons in Courage, that might just swell your life.

The first showing of Courage is when we learn to let go of
Those ‘truths’ we believe that have brought us ‘success’.
Too often the knowledge we’ve garnered to reach here
Fails mightily to serve our wondrous future the best.

The next sign of our Courage is being open to others.
Firmly muffling frail Ego (always screaming “I’m Right!”)
When we’re constantly deaf to the song that they’re singing,
Then we’re robbed of their Genius, and diminish our sight.

Was it Churchill who once penned this smart observation,
That too often we hold our opinion as king?
When he said “Those who find that they cannot change their mind”
And went on to observe, “cannot change anything!”

The third sign of our Courage we find tested so harshly
When we thrive on approval; when our purpose is weak.
When we question ourselves whether we’re really able
To accomplish the yearnings our heart wonders and seeks.

They’ll appeal to our prudence; mock us when we’re too bold.
They’ll call deep to our fears. Keep us diddling with ‘stuff’.
But to those who gasp at us “Why? You’re being so crazy!”
Let our Courage respond, “Am I Being Crazy Enough?”
Let our Courage respond, “Am I Being Crazy Enough?!”.