July 1, 2022

When Life Awakens You to Your Possibility

There’s a power in stories, which transfixes us all.
Generations pass forward the tales they’ve received.
These cling to our memories. They shape minds and hearts.
When hope seems so dim, they help us to believe.

So, I’ll tell you a story: a young chappie I knew.
Financial admin in weekdays. Those weekends – I won’t quote!
Our young hero was cruising: what a comfortable routine!
‘Til adventure-gone-wrong grabbed him harsh by the throat.

On a trip with his buddies, Alfie criss-crossed The States.
Their voyaging took them to America South.
For a dare, paid ‘The Man’ to descend down a mine.
What happened down there left him gaping, wide-mouthed!

In the black-bellied tomb they did choke on the dust.
Generations of men sweating lives towards death.
Chewing ‘leaves’ helped to cope, while their eyes they did burn.
Muscles screamed loud for mercy. Poison air cut their breath.

Just two hours did they stomach, in that hole fit for hell.
Their glance caught out each other; faces etched deep with fear.
“Let me out! Let me out!” The scream croaked from their gut.
To see sky shine and bird sing. Oh! To suck deep on sweet air!

As the lift groaned too slowly, rising inches by inch.
Each friend had been taught what it means to live free.
When, at last, light made eyes ache and tears came too close.
Our hero saw clearly who he could no longer be.

We authors, we call this experience ‘The Awakening’.
It’s the moment you know you’ve been playing so tame.
It becomes crystal clear: you can never return to
The life comfortable before you. Nothing can be the same.

What now for our hero. Well, I’ll tell you what changed.
He vowed to be grateful for the hand he’d been dealt.
And back in the office, he started to lead out.
He started to influence the way colleagues felt.

Fast forward a few years, and you’d be surprised how
This ‘lad’ now nurtures his financial planning team.
He’s paid high the price to be brilliant at what he does.
He builds on his team’s genius, so that they feel supreme!

In each of our lives there arises those moments
When life asks us questions that might feel severe.
It’s in those crucial strivings our destiny pivots.
The glorious being that we could be begins to appear.
The glorious being that we could be begins to appear.