July 7, 2022

I Wonder, Are You the Future?

It seems time for another of those memorable stories.
This, a tale of a business reshaped and rethought.
Now, this isn’t just one of those ideas to inspire you.
It’s the magic from unlearning what you have been taught!

She was bright. She was skilled. She had passed tough exams.
But long hours and low fees left her stressed and confused.
Yet she saw that what’s common seldom leads to ‘prodigious!’.
So, let’s see what transformed her. What new behaviours she used.

What was different ‘bout Mary was the things she eschewed.
Not for her more possessions, nor appeal to her pride.
She was driven far more by the search for real meaning
In her work. “Let’s bless lives!” is what flowed from inside.

She carried deep within her the memory from childhood.
A financially-trapped mother, sad resigned to her fate.
Mary vowed that she now would embark on a mission
Advise women, divorcing, who found themselves in a state.

With that Purpose she adopted a new craft and know-how.
You might call it ‘Coaching’ if you seek for a term.
Armed with that novel skillset she became influential
With solicitors, who began her advice to affirm.

Her ability then spread to realms beyond money.
Her work served to transform not just wealth – rather Life!
There are families who proclaim the impact her work’s had.
Her advice has brought healing where once there was strife.

Which is all very good. But what has this approach brought her?
Well, to start with she’s multiplied by TEN her base fees!
Five awards don’t distract from the life that she’s carved out:
More time freedom, and work with more grace and more ease.

It is normal to focus on our technical prowess.
Goal-setting, sales knowledge. Measure what we can see.
But The Marys believe that all this is a ‘given’.
“What was common’s the past. I’ll take the future with me!”
What was common’s the past. I’ll take the future with me!”