July 21, 2022

Are you free to be great?

As I sat and took in all the wisdom we’d shared,
My mind flitted to what still lay waiting for me.
All those projects and tasks; the goals pasted on walls
Of my office, whispered “Isn’t here where you’d rather be?”

We were gathered last week for our Leadership event.
Our surroundings (so digital!) changed to forest and rich air.
Our quest? To transform the world we now face,
Where technicians abound. But great leaders are rare.

Then the cry: “There’s so much that screams loud for our time!
From our list of ‘To Do’s’ we find seldom a gap.
Where’s the freedom to lead? To meet everyone’s needs?”
Then a question was posed, broke us free from our traps.

For the question was this: “What is ‘Freedom’ to you?”
Our faces looked stunned. Not a sound there arose.
Then the unfolding truth left a gasp in the air.
We’re as free as the air! ‘Cos we are what we chose!”

The land we call ‘Home’ flows with freedom and choice.
We are free to choose how our next years will unfold.
We are free to grab more, ‘til our cravings are met.
We are free to choose people over prestige and gold.

We are free to choose clients we work with. Or not.
We are free to choose which days to work and to rest.
The goals that hard drive us? Mere thoughts in our mind!
When we look at our yearnings: is that us at our best?

I see trees in our garden, laden early with fruit.
They are legless: not free to roam far as I do.
Yet those trees, are they voiceless? For I hear their soft laugh,
“We’ll be gracing this earth for much longer than you!”

There’s such freedom in pausing and slowing our pace.
There’s such freedom in challenging “I must!” or “I should!”
When our scrabbling has slowed, and we seek less of ‘stuff’,
Perhaps then we’ll discern what is best from what’s good.
Perhaps then we’ll discern what is best from what’s good.