July 28, 2022

Releasing The Maverick Within You

Too often we think that position and power
Are essential if we’re to make much of a mark.
And it’s true that ‘Big Corp.’ wields such mighty clout that
They can choke new ideas before e’er they embark.

Yet again and again history highlights the moment
When an unruly voice rings out clear from the throng.
“Let’s bow down no longer to deep-entrenched habits!
For the way we now do things isn’t bad. It’s just wrong!”

When our comfort does soothe us, and fear brings inaction.
When we ‘settle’ in torpor “Please don’t rock our boat”
Then a Maverick emerges with a message that shakes us.
And a ‘movement’ then gathers from corners remote.

Whether little Rosa Parks, called ‘The Mother of our Freedom’,
Or awkward Steve Jobs, disturbing industry’s peace,
Whether Greta facing giants who could crush or delete her,
In each soul sits that ‘Maverick’ waiting to be released.

Then there’s us – you and me – seeming so very tiny.
Don’t’ you sometimes just sense there’s a choice to be made?
For there’s much that needs fixing in our world and profession.
And the seeds of our Maverick for such times long have laid.

The traditions you’re handed served a good enough purpose.
But you know ‘good enough’ can no longer suffice.
Beware when the hammock of wealth helps you slumber.
There’s a Maverick rising out there, bringing change at a price!

So, let me now call to the Maverick within you.
What swells deep within you to change what is wrong?
Are you ready to break ranks; think brave… independent?
Or will you leave this world without singing your song?
Or will you leave this world without singing your song?