August 11, 2022

What happens when you act on that crazy idea

There are times when success seems to flow as a stream.
Other times when we stumble and strain with our might.
I’d love effort’s rewards so much sooner. Yet oft
My future seems dim as the darkest of nights.

And that is what drives us: we people insane!
We ridiculous folk. We outrageous. We few.
To venture in business, based on little but faith.
What see we ahead? I’ll now share that with you.

Starting business is hard. (Being crazy does help.)
So much stress. frugal pay. Brutal hours. Doubting friends.
Any normal and rational person would quit.
And for many, tough hurdles are where their dream ends.

But us? Well, we’re different. Our point is not cash.
What powers us is Purpose! And the fuel which that brings.
What we see is Changed Future that we’ve strived to create.
We’re in love with that change. Its that love gives us wings.

It’s this power of the gods – to build something from nowt.
It’s the uncertain road with few lights up ahead.
For this change we are making blinkers worry and stress.
“If you want guarantees, buy a toaster.” Well said!

There is much we can’t see, we who would change our world.
There are forces against us: like Goliath’s they loom.
But our strength lies in being so nimble and quick.
We’ve acted, while others babble in their boardroom.

In our own humble way, we’re today’s pioneers
Our decisions frighten firms who are ten times our size.
But our voyage of discovery is not seeking new lands.
Instead, it rests first on us seeing with new eyes.

If you’re to lead out in any brave venture you choose,
Then you’d better grasp hold of such uncertainty.
Seek not to know endings before launching your voyage.
Step out and then whisper, “One step enough for me”.
Get started. And then whisper, “One step enough for me”.