August 18, 2022

The secret behind a transformational advisory team

To say “We’ve been through difficult times” hardly starts to tell the tale.
And as we see what lies ahead, we shouldn’t be surprised
When clients call us, all a-dither, wondering how they’ll cope.
I hear you sigh, and take deep breath. Then soothe their anguished cries.

But under all our valiant work, a deeper problem festers.
For economic turmoil starts to lay bare each firm’s weakness.
And, how is it that some firms struggle, with markets rock and rolling?
Whilst other teams rise ‘bove the noise, and shine with their uniqueness?

The answer lies within the world of a seldom-practiced science.
A discipline much talked about. But rarely seen in action.
It’s ‘CULTURE’ gives a business strength and grit when all is hectic.
It’s Culture transforms ‘pretty good’ to ‘Beyond Mere Satisfaction!’.

You sense a brilliant Culture when you come in contact with it.
Whether client or employee, your engagement feels outstanding.
What eventuates between you goes beyond a mere transaction.
“It’s like being sprinkled with fairy dust!” (the sceptics notwithstanding).

What magic makes such Cultures which are truly transformational?
Well, it starts when teams do feel their work is work that truly matters.
That they’re part of something ‘winning’, on a mission that’s inspiring.
That it feels like ‘Family’ here, and here’s where boredom really shatters.

The glue is when each member feels they have a voice and purpose.
That they’ll be encouraged to evolve and grow their gifts and flair.
It works when members feel that they are cared for and supported.
It works when every signal says, “You’re so important here!”

Your team may score well technically, with great revenue creators.
Your team may figure in the press, their faces proud and bright.
Yet, the impact that will last springs not from fleeting media glory.
But from Culture carefully built, to raise your business to new heights.
For your Culture, carefully built, will raise your business to new heights.