August 25, 2023

This is funny (until it’s not)

It’s a problem perennial, and as old as the hills:
The point where a small firm desires to grow.
When the bright, charismatic adviser with dreams,
Wants the world to be blessed by the things that they know.

They figure the success that they’ve relished thus far
Of “Making a difference to each person we meet”,
Should be spread to encompass a host of such folk.
“Then we’d influence hundreds! And we’d feel more complete!”

This vision’s so bright that they can’t see what’s ahead.
They figure they possess all the requisite skills.
“Look what I’ve accomplished! It’s clear that I’m bright!”
(Stay with me, because this gets funnier still!)

For they fail to observe that the thrill that they get
When each client they win, means less energy remains.
And they’re blissfully blind to the obvious truth:
“When you spread yourself thin, then your influence wanes!”

So, their mission they launch. “Let me seek out those who
See the world in the way that I know it should be.”
And they try to recruit someone whom they can mould
In their image, without asking: “Should I want more like me?”

For recruitment’s a game fraught with problems galore.
(And few advisers there be who are really prepared.)
Then they cobble together a development plan:
“Just watch what I do. It’s a cinch. Don’t be scared!”

Then they find that they’re poorly prepared for this task.
(To discover and develop someone’s gifts is an art.)
So, the frustration starts: “What is wrong with my team?
They just don’t seem to get it! And I thought they were smart!”

What you now see before you is a genius stretched thin.
Their stress, it’s sky high; and their impact is low.
Their life outside work, it’s chewed and consumed.
‘Tween the emails and zoom calls, there’s not much to show.

Then a guru persuades them that fresh processes will
Create a business that runs much like clockwork. And then
They can do what they love: get more thrills when they win!
 (And so does our farce start all over again!)

There are answers, for sure, to this common headache.
But I’m not going to pose them to you in this verse.
What I will say is this: if your mission’s to bless
People’s lives, then the route I’ve described is the worst.

To succumb to the thrill of The Win and The Win
Is never the same as “Let’s clients’ lives transform!”.
So, my invite is this: “Be crystal clear what you want!”
For the choice that you make, will your destiny form.
For the choice that you make, will your destiny form.