August 31, 2023

Meetings. Are They Working for You?

It’s a funny old thing about the meetings we hold.
And I don’t mean the ones with the clients we serve.
It’s the meetings internal which we feel must take place,
If our firm is to function with some order and verve.

Now, I’m not here to question how efficient they are.
I’ve no doubt that they’re focused, on point and on cue.
What I question is whether you’re consistently drawing
On the finest of thinking that’s available to you.

What I see is an agenda set by the same ol’ bod.
What I see is scarce airtime being consumed by the few.
What I see is a meeting driven by metrics and tasks.
What I see is a culture needing serious review!

I’ve never enjoyed a conversation that mattered,
Where we rushed through each point, and ticked off our To-Do’s.
The meetings that left me enriched and inspired?
Well, they felt so unrushed and the best from me drew.

The smartest leaders I’ve met recognise what’s at stake
When they gather their team for a couple of hours.
Eighty-six billion neurons are afire in each head.
Why would anyone waste such colossal human power?

So those leaders, they make sure equality reigns.
They remove all hierarchy. Every voice has its space.
And they ne’er tolerate those who keep interrupting.
They ensure that such arrogance is put firmly in its place.

They’re supremely skilled at making it safe to be open.
They create an environment where each view can be aired.
They ensure that no single voice grabs all the airspace.
And that includes them! Of better ideas they’re not scared.

They’re taking the long view, you see, in these meetings.
They don’t want their team to simply fulfil their roles.
They’re discovering and multiplying the brilliance that lies there.
They’re using each meeting to build the wonder of souls!
They’re using each meeting to build the wonder of souls!