August 11, 2023

Surely, This is Why We Do What We Do?

I live a life of privilege, of freedom and some ease.
I wallow in possessions to which billions might aspire.
I don’t need much of wealth to get such luxuries galore.
They’re brought to me by others, in a land that I admire.

Since you are here, it’s probably clear that this applies to you.
For the work we do in this sector attracts substantial gain.
You might say, “But I’ve worked so hard to get what I’ve acquired!”
Yet, others must first accomplish much, our lifestyle to sustain.

They built my house, they laid my roads, brought power to my home.
They heal me when I’m sick, and lay my food within arm’s reach.
Our kids they teach (for dismal pay). They strive to run our farms.
And in the way they serve us, there’s a lesson they all teach.

The lesson’s this: “We’re Here to Serve!” To give a little back.
Has society not blessed us since we emerged in wailing birth?
Congresswoman Chisholm said it well in piercing quote:
“Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth!”

Now, you might feel uncomfortable when hearing this word “Serve”.
It might elicit feelings which don’t sit well with your heart.
So, think of it in this way: “Wouldn’t you just love to “Bless”
The lives of others in some way?”
Surely, this is where we start?

This work of ours, with other’s wealth: what an honour that we have!
There are so few professions which are blessed with such fulfilling role.
Such privilege to come our way! Such trust that we are given!
Let’s serve them then, let’s seek to bless, with mind and heart and soul!
Let’s serve them then, let’s seek to bless, with mind and heart and soul!