December 16, 2022

Let’s Sing Beyond Turkey and Tinsel!

What with baubles and holly and tinsel and bright lights.
What with glitter and spiked punch and candle’s sweet smells.
What with fairies on treetops and snowmen with scarves on.
What with shopping and wrapping and reindeers with their bells.

You’d almost forget the tough year we’ve experienced.
The heartache, confusion and shocks that we’ve lived through.
So, why do we rush here, with arms and hearts so open?
Why this yearning for magic? Sit ye back, and I’ll tell you!

It’s surely not the fat turkey and the ugly Christmas sweater.
Nor is it the mulled wine and the legless office party.
What we yearn for are rituals; a renewal of what matters.
Seeking once more what lifts us; makes our souls feel more hearty.

As we look up from our projects and the tasks that beset us
And glance out at our world, at such sixes and sevens.
Can we ever grow too old, that we cynically disremember
That we once heard those angels, saw those stars in the heavens?

Something pure and so wondrous cleaves the sky in such evenings
As these, if we would only have eyes for its beholding.
Whether it’s Old Nick’s sleigh coursing, or something more sacred:
There’s a baby whose life will change all in its unfolding.

Let us all be infected by the laughing spirit of these moments!
Let us all relish reaching out where few bounties are possessed!
Let us rejoice in the joy our life can bring to others!
May YOU be this world’s light, whereso’er lives are less blessed!
May YOU be this world’s light, whereso’er lives are less blessed!