January 5, 2023

Are you serving or pleasing?

When leaders approach me, with their energy near failing…
When advisers seek help to run themselves far less frenetic…
It’s then that I listen to how they work with their clients
And their team; to reveal habits almost genetic.

What I find is their noble desire to serve others
Being confused with “Please like me, and let’s both feel unruffled”
For when pleasing of others is your first inclination.
Then regret will soon follow, and best outcomes get muffled

So, how do you tell ‘tween these two strong intentions?
How do you know whether you’re Serving or Pleasing?
And what does it matter if you confuse one with another?
Well, that depends where you want your life to be leading!

You see, Pleasing is akin to you bowing and scraping.
Well, at least bowing to the demands others make of you.
The likelihood is that your desire to keep them happy
Comes from fear; and stops them hearing a better view.

When you Serve you’re prepared to be courageous and strong.
You’re prepared to fight hard for the best that they might be.
You’re prepared to dig deeper, to challenge what they assume.
You ask questions that release them from myths they hold tightly.

Yes, it’s true that your Pleasing appeals strong to your ego.
Yes, it’s true that not all wish to be challenged and tested.
But to build on such feelings means foregoing what’s honest.
And the upshot is results which are unpleasant and unexpected.

As you now full consider both your Pleasing or Serving.
There’s a question which helps you see clearly what you’re doing.
Are you desperate to be liked and approved in your dealings
Or is it the wonder of their beckoning future you’re pursuing?
Or is it the wonder of their beckoning future you’re pursuing?