January 13, 2023

Are you someone worth following?

Wouldn’t it be great to look back at our efforts
And know that our influence has been powerful and right?
Wouldn’t you just love to be someone of impact?
Where those stumbling in darkness look to you as a light?

Yet the truth is we’re often our own toughest opponents.
We’ve settled into habits that tend to not serve us well.
We’ve never examined what makes someone worth following.
We’re not sure how to change. If you’re interested, then I’ll tell.

The first step on this journey requires a modicum of courage.
For the question I was once asked scared me more than a tad.
“What’s it like to be on the receiving end of your behaviour?
Whether relating to your clients, or in your role as a Dad?”

I think most of us live in a state of mild self-delusion.
We either beat ourselves up or praise ourselves to the sky.
If we’d only take time to ask others what they feel
‘bout the way we behave. And listen hard to their reply!

The next step to gain impact calls for quietening our ego.
There are times you’re so right. And then others? Dead wrong!
And the question arises “Just how teachable are you?”
If pride is what guides you, your failure you will prolong.

The most progress I’ve made in life’s testing adventure
Is admitting that my wisdom and gifts have their bounds.
Then reaching out to those who see what I’m blind to,
And seeking their help. See how obvious that sounds?

The last step I’ll refer to (though there are others need learning)
If you want to be impactful; to become the real McCoy,
Lies in a question: “Is it you whose glory you’re seeking?
Or do you seek others growth, and to help them experience more joy?”
Or do you seek others growth, and to help them experience more joy?”