May 19, 2023

Just how bright are you?

We each like to think that we’re bright as a button.
And we point to our successes to prove that is so.
“Just look at our clients, our awards and our team size!
From the place that we started, we’ve a great deal to show.”

Yes, all of that’s fine, for it suits us just dandy,
Until what we’ve built on does shift and does sway.
The mercurial technology; the market’s expectations:
They just won’t stand still like they did yesterday!

Then, when winds of change howl, we cling fast to loved habits.
We hold tight to those roles which give rich ego-strokes.
If this is how your brightness receives its validation.
Read on, and you’ll see if you’re brighter than most folks.

We’ve heard many quotes about how the world changes.
And the need for us also to change how we act.
Economies and influencers, politics, fads and fashions,
We all struggle to keep up. It’s tough! That’s a fact.

But our brightness is tested more brutally when we
Won’t face up to changes staring us in the face.
When our role changes starkly, and we won’t change with it
‘Cos we’re busy hanging onto our most comfortable place.

For example: how clearly our role starts to alter
When recruiting good people to support what we do.
It is then that our passion for the work of our preference
Stops our growth, and our problems start to bubble and brew.

You might well rejoice in your role: client-facing.
Is it there that your talents and gifts show up best?
Yet the people in your care have their genius and skills too,
And their need for your nurturing will put you to the test.

You might well rejoice in your skills entrepreneurial.
You might well be brilliant at systems and things.
You might well be the best technician in this land.
But can you cut loose from your past’s apron strings?

So, if you want to create a work world which is better,
If you want to develop, rather than start to shrink,
Remember, your thinking created the world that you have now.
It can only be changed when you change how you think.

What of brightness? Because it’s there that we started.
Let’s address that, so you’re not feeling short-changed.
The truth, I believe, you’ll eventually discover is:
The measure of our brightness is our ability to change.
Yes, the measure of our brightness is our ability to change.