May 26, 2023

Creating a night to remember

I still carry those feelings I experienced last week,
Although I’ve attended super meetings before.
But this gathering of clients held a magic unusual.
What I witnessed still leaves me with a pure sense of awe.

Imagine a venue both inspiring and memorable
Thronged with favourite clients and other such folk.
One hundred and eighty, with only two people missing.
Pulling this ‘show’ together took some skill, that’s no joke!

Sure, we’ve all been to meetings which were buzzing, uplifting.
Where the company and food and the music and view
Combined to leave us with impressions delightful.
But why this was different? Well, hold on, I’ll tell you…

In that setting Olympic, in that Eton Dorney
I was privileged to speak to both clients and team.
One by one they shared with me why they bothered to come here.
What I found was the emotions seemed to follow a theme.

Yes, they wanted to know why this firm was relaunching.
What was meant by “New Brand”, by “New Purpose”, “New Name”.
But their stories told me of a theme that ran deeper.
“Because of them,” they explained, “our lives are now not the same!”

I’ve heard feedback from financial advisory clients quite often.
I’ve listened as words like “Trust” and “So Skilled!” have been used.
But I’ve seldom seen clients close to tears as they’ve explained
Why “Love” is a part of why they feel so enthused.

As I mingled and joined in the cheers and the applause…
As I listened to speeches (mercifully brief, light and fun)…
I was struck by that Love that flowed, until its power
Embraced all in its presence, ‘til its weaving was spun.

What was spoken of that evening was not finance or wealth.
Ne’er a word of The Markets, of its ups and its downs.
What they spoke of was “Passion” and “Purpose” and “Community”.
There were moments when each held their breath. Not a sound!

If you’d been there, with fairy dust you would have felt sprinkled.
You’d feel the results of three years, asking this:
“What is the reason we’re working so furiously?
How can we change lives? Why does this firm exist?”

If your reason is “To Get Bigger and Bigger”, or
“We Want to Be the Best Firm In This Land”
You might achieve goals and earn yourself plaudits.
But you’ll ne’er come to know what those folk understand.

The clue to such feedback starts with giving not taking.
Starts with client obsession more intense than before.
You’ll be spoken of more highly as teams and professionals
When Love is the purpose at your heart and your core.
When Love is the purpose at your heart and your core.