June 2, 2023

Does our language reveal our hearts?

If you’re ever in doubt how dependent we are
On our close social groups; and how desperately we seek
To be accepted by friends and our colleagues at work,
Listen close, if you will, to the language we speak!

There are fads and strange fashions in our various life spheres.
When we’re teens the word “Like” becomes every third word.
When we step into business, our vocabulary does change.
But although the words differ, the thinking’s just as absurd.

We no longer think well unless our head’s in “Blue Skies”.
And it’s only possible to act “Going Forward” it seems.
Where they’d like me to take them is “Next Level”, I’m told.
(If you’d tell where that is, I’ll take you there by all means!)

But the language that’s saddest of all, I must comment,
Is the way that our clients are described in some firms.
“Look at our Client Book!” And “Watch our Client Base growing!”
This language we’ve learned makes me wince, makes me squirm.

The people we’re describing are such beautiful Beings.
They’re unique, they have loved, they’ve lived rich and full lives.
Yet we label them as assets, to be won, bought and sold, and
Our words make them data in our technology archives.

“I’m not your Book or your Base! I have mind, heart and soul!”
Their wisdom and accomplishments oft dwarf what we know.
Surely, it’s time that the cultures we’re creating
Recognised how demeaning our communication can grow.

Let us honour with minds and our mouths those we’re helping.
Let us teach the next-gen what a privilege is theirs.
To serve and advise and plan futures folks dream of.
Let us give them a language to show how much we care.
Let us give them a language to show how much we care.