June 23, 2023

Are you Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Some say that our profession, is fast dying on its feet; and
Point to future that’s fast dwindling before our tiring eyes.
They say it is because we’ve failed our legacy to plan well.
And, given our mean ages, what they say is no surprise!

They said the same of Obi-Wan, in the wilderness lay hidden.
His best was past, his power spent, his sabre hardly lighting.
And what about his Padawan, his brilliance cloaked in darkness?
He’s swallowed by The Empire: their might against Good fighting!

If worlds stood still, and courage failed, ‘t would be the final story.
A galaxy of corporates would long rule all they survey.
But what those voices fail to see is the power of The Force, and
They ken not what is possible, with Obi-Wan to show the way.

While eyes are turned to behemoths with war chests all-consuming
Outside their gaze is growing a bright, eager generation.
Luke Skywalker might seem naïve, and doesn’t know his strength yet.
But neither is his vision dulled. Undimmed his imagination.

What Luke needs is our tutoring, our nurturing, our guidance.
The former Jedi Master must turn skills to brand new role.
No longer can he wallow in what he’d enjoyed beforehand.
If there’s to be a future, Obi-Wan must search his soul.

If this profession seeks to rise, and then to flourish in the future.
No longer can we lean upon our skills learned long days past.
Yes, our competence that’s technical must grow – and that’s a given.
But if that’s where we all linger, The Rebellion, it won’t last!

When you’ve hired your Skywalker, you’re no longer ‘The Technician’.
Your responsibility has changed. Your future with theirs tight is woven.
Your job now? it is Leadership! And there lies the dilemma.
For that is not your training, nor where lies your fond devotion.

The Skywalkers will rise up, and grow glorious without us!
But The Dark Side is enticing, and their wisdom not yet tested.
It’s you they need. The Obi-Wan Kenobi deep within you.
When you look back, where will you have your wondrous powers invested?

It could be in your personal wealth and comforts well deserv-ed.
It could be golf and cruise ships and in grandkids so enthralling.
Or it could be in the multiplying of minds and hearts and souls, and
Therein could be your eulogy: your greatest business calling.
Therein could be your eulogy: your greatest business calling!