May 5, 2023

When what you do fills them to bursting

Every client we meet has a gaping hole in them.
‘Tis as wide as yon sky and as deep as that sea.
In that soul-shaping cavern lies the needs that consume them.
If their thinking seems weird, that there hole is the key.

Some fill it with Faith. Others bow to Ambition.
There’ll be some who will worship Celebrity and Power.
Or they’re filling their boots with all that Wealth has to offer,
But the truth is, their spirit seeks deep meaning each hour.

Which is where you come in. You with all of your wisdom.
You’re meeting them there in your salubrious joint.
Before you lie moments so rare and fulfilling.
But, if all you do’s Fact Find, then you’re missing the point!

For this wondrous Being who sits there before you,
They’re a collection of more than just data and facts.
There’s decades of yearnings; aspirations flow in them.
It’s their needs and desires fuel their thinking and acts.

Now, you’re taught to draw from them their goals and objectives.
But such understanding’s too shallow, for sure.
For to build trust more quickly, and relationships deeper
Calls for skills which most training will ne’er help secure.

If you’re to draw from this complex client before you
The truth of their thirst that demands to be quenched,
Then you’ll need to invest in a new skill professional
So that you understand their needs deeply entrenched.

No, you don’t need to ‘fix’ them. That’s not what we’re saying.
But the work you do can create such magic untold.
When the questions you ask are more carefully crafted
You’ll learn what does drive them. You’ll help answers unfold.

So, what is this skill that will help you discover
What’s really behind what has brought them to you?
Well, it’s COACHING! And added to Planning Financial
Will help you reveal what is hidden, what’s true.

It’s you who can help them see what it is drives them.
It’s you who can help them plan futures they’d love.
With your help their cup runs o’er, their heart filled to bursting.
It’s you who can help them live what they’d dream of!
It’s you who can help them live what they’d dream of!