September 28, 2023

How impressive do you sound?

I’ve perused many websites in my role as a coach.
They’ve impressed me with all that they beautifully say
About how well they’re endowed with such technical skills,
And how brilliantly they’ll serve you when you come to stay.

What’s more, they have “Values” which they do espouse
And which sound so inspired when expressed with finesse.
They’re passionate in sharing these sound moral codes.
For they believe they have peers who just couldn’t care less.

It’s become de rigueur to announce to the world
Of our Principles Strong and our Noble Intent.
Yet the challenge we face is the cheapness of words,
And what price we will pay to do just what we meant.

When you cut through the noise of the strutting and pose
You’ll hear just how easily “Excellence” flows from our lips.
But, you see, whereas “Values” come out of your mouth
Your “Virtues” must flow from much more than your scripts.

It’s your acts in tough moments which tell the best tale
Of what’s really behind all the things you proclaim.
For it’s only when you’re prepared to pay a high price
That others will believe you and honour your name.

When you consciously forego extra profit and wealth
In order to do what you believe to be right.
When you’ll sacrifice comfort for what’s bigger than you,
Then others will join you and Fight the Good Fight.

There’ll soon come a day when they’ll talk about you:
About what your life stood for, and what difference you made.
I wonder what you’ll want those you care most about
To remember of your life, and what part you best played?

So, by all means express what you want us to know
About how much you’re better than the crowd of your peers.
Just make sure that what happens behind your closed doors
You’d love to be sung from the rooftops for years.
You’d love to be sung from the rooftops for years.