September 15, 2023

Are you the calm in the storm?

There’s a quality rare that we’d do well to ponder,
When the media preach mayhem, and the markets look bleak.
When economies are diving and the banks are defaulting.
When the pressure’s upon us and we’re stretched ‘til we squeak.

It is then that our wisdom and mettle are tested.
It is then our composure is laid bare to the world.
It is then this rare quality becomes eagerly sought for
As clients tend to panic, and our team feels unfurled.

It’s this quality that highlights a person worth following.
One you’d better possess if you wish to be known
As a leader who others can turn to in tough times.
Read further, to learn how this strength you can own.

What is this component of character I speak of?
Well, it’s seldom on lists of techniques, tips and hacks.
It’s old fashioned and maybe you think somewhat “homely”.
I’m referring to ‘POISE’. Untold power it packs!

In a leader this POISE is a crucial component.
When the pressure’s intense is when your real self’s revealed.
Then your technical skills won’t be what will save you.
It’s your calm in the storm that will soothe and will shield.

There are many with knowledge gained through study and practice.
There are those entrepreneurs with such talents and flair.
There are leaders who manage tasks and projects so complex.
But when the heat is intense, then does POISE become rare.

A person with POISE avoids posing and pretence.
They’re not constantly comparing, or being someone they’re not.
They don’t fly off the handle at the failings of others.
They’re the strength that’s so soothing when others lose the plot.

There are few characteristics more valuable today than
The ability to lead with serene purpose and grace.
It doesn’t matter your title or the label they give you.
When POISE is your core, you’ll rise high in life’s race.
When POISE is your core, you’ll rise high in life’s race.