October 19, 2023

I don’t want a job! I want meaning!

Call yourself a Leader? Let me put that to the test.
I wonder if you understand what motivates my soul?
Do you really think that throwing one more bonus in my purse
Will draw the genius from me? Help you conquer one more goal?

When you check my productivity in Monday Morning Meets,
And remind us of our tasks ahead, with KPIs to fill,
Do you ever stop to ponder what I possibly could give?
And that long ago they closed down the relentless cotton mills?

The days when I lacked knowledge are far distant in my past.
My life is rich with wisdom now, with talents and with gifts.
To seek them out and multiply them: that, there, is your role.
Fail that, I’ll give you ‘just enough’ (if you catch my drift).

I want my life to matter, and that includes my business roles.
I want these clients and colleagues to be glad that I was here.
I want these projects in my tray to matter in their lives.
That my sweat sits in some file somewhere, forgotten, is my fear.

I’m grateful, really, that you’ve placed your trust in my learned skills.
But there’s a need that cries within; and here’s my plea to you:
“Will you please explain how what you’ve asked does touch some life for Good?
And that this world is a better place because of work I do?
And that this world is a better place, because of work I do?”