March 22, 2024

Exceptional women who have supercharged my business life!

I wish I’d taken the opportunity to say this two weeks ago…
on International Women’s Day.

Nevertheless, let’s proclaim it now.

Because it’s not difficult to recall – and honour – those women who I admire for their pioneering, game-changing influence in my business life.

So, in no particular order (merely as they come to mind)…
here goes…

There’s Carrie Bendall who has been the driving force behind the development of the PFS Power brand. And such a wise influence in the development of our brand – Soul Millionaire.

There’s Jane Adshead-Grant: a world-class coach and meeting facilitator… who helps me, and our clients, to see the game-changing power of The Thinking Environment and coaching in this profession of Financial Planning.

There’s Ruth Sturkey, who has exemplified for me what leadership looks like in this business sector for over a decade. It’s no accident that she’s regularly called upon to chair conferences, as well as chairing the Institute of Financial Wellbeing.

There’s Jo Little a prime example of the brilliant young leaders emerging in this sector. A leader who prioritises the development and multiplying of the genius of each member of her team. And everybody benefits!

Then there’s Rebecca Timmins. The Ops Director, right there beside Jo Little. Using superb Thinking Environment and coaching skills, to take Financial Planning and leadership to a new level – within and outside of her organisation.

And what about the specialists in designing robust, life-enhancing operations, systems and processes for Financial Planning firms? Specialists like Michelle Hoskin and Dominika Sieradzka-MacCuirc. Different approaches and styles. Each shaking up the world of Practice Management.

There’s Simonne Gnessen. Founder of The Wise Monkey, and one of the first women to show us why Financial Planning is not really about logic and metrics. Bringing behavioural science to our attention.

Of course, there’s Catherine Morgan. She’s created a highly successful business, by demonstrating just what is possible when financial coaching and financial wellbeing is placed at the heart of the work we do with clients.

Yes, there are plenty of supremely influential women who should be on this list. These are just a tiny handful who have grabbed my attention. Who have influenced my thinking. Who have caused me to sit up and take notice.

They’re women who have refused to accept the largely-male traditions handed down to them in this Financial Services industry.

They’re women who have taken risks, taken a stand, and shown a different – a better – way of thinking and behaving.

It’s long past time that we sought more spirits like this!

Women who can shape our world… and touch the lives of clients and teams… in an elevating, enriching way that is so badly needed!

And today… I HONOUR them!