April 12, 2024

A Stunningly Beautiful Answer to This Crushing Universal Problem

Renowned business philosopher Stephen R Covey coined a piercing phrase to describe it:

“Caught Up in The Thick of Thin Things”

Those times in life when the multiplying detail of what we pursue (to bring us Happiness?)…
Turns on us.
Overwhelms us.
Consumes us.

When the price of chasing what we’re chasing…
Becomes alarmingly greater than the bright shiny prize we were gleefully grasping for.

When our body starts to sicken…
Our mind feels paralysed…
Our emotions start to shred…
Our soul starts to scream.

At one time or another (perhaps too often) in our lives…
We ALL make this mistake.
We all discover the path to where Happiness, especially Joy, definitely does not lie.

And right at that point of despair… the Beautiful Answer whispers to us.
Stands there holding out its arms to us.
Calling gently to each and all of us.

What is it?
This Stunningly Beautiful Answer?

Take a world class Norwegian soprano.
Supported by one of the world’s Top Ten Choirs.
And listen… for just a few, tiny, precious moments of your life.

Whatever your philosophy and lens on Life…
However tough, driven and emotionally impervious you may believe yourself to be…

I challenge you to depart from the last strains of this song… unaffected and untouched.
To your very core.

The message is universal.
Its simplicity is breathtaking.
Its outcome is unescapable.

You may fight it, thinking “No! It cannot be that simple!”

The choice is yours.
The choice has ALWAYS been yours to control.

(Except… the consequence never is.)