March 15, 2024

Do your clients use terms like “Magical” to describe you?

I thought it was just me.

I thought “Maybe I’m just a little naïve. And easy to impress.”

But during the last couple of weeks I’ve discovered others feel the same.
(“Others” being leaders and teams in the financial planning sector.)

Others feel enamoured… in awe… slightly besotted
Besotted by this investment group.
Besotted by the way this group makes US feel…
Whenever, and however, we engage with them.

From the moment you walk into their reception…
From the moment the most junior member of their team looks into your eyes to greet you…
From the moment you’re guided into your meeting room, and the fridge is opened to show your favourite soft drinks…
From the moment you start to listen to one of their subject-matter presenters…

From that moment.
You feel like…
Well, you feel like ROYALTY!

You feel like royalty that’s caught off-balance, and still impressed…
No matter how worldly-wise you think you are.
No matter what else you’ve seen before.
You now feel that YOU are the only person that matters here.

WHO are they? This investment group?
And HOW do they work this magic?

They’re led and guided in the UK by David Jones.

And HOW do they work this magic?
Well, here’s our observation. Our view.

In a quiet, unassuming, measured way, David has demonstrated the impact of a Leadership Science and Leadership Culture.
A science that we, in Soul Millionaire, call ‘Multipliers’.

‘Multiplier’ Leaders go to extraordinary pains to discover the genius in EVERY single member of a team.
They unearth and open that genius to the world.
Then they invest heavily in that person and their unique genius.

Each member of that team is blossoming.
Blossoming in a way that only they can.

And then their team direct the light of that genius…
To shine upon YOU.

So that, when their work touches your life…
It’s an unforgettable experience.

Amongst our Soul Millionaire ‘Tribe’ (our client community of Financial Planning Leaders) we’ve recently coined a new business term.

We call that experience “THE DIMENSIONAL EFFECT”.

It doesn’t matter whatever your investment philosophy…
This is my challenge to you.

  1. Find an excuse to visit and talk to this organisation. This Dimensional.
  2. Afterwards, sit down and write to me about what you experienced.

And ask yourself…

“Could I make that Leadership Science – that ‘Multipliers’ behaviour…
Work for our organisation?”

I’d love to hear your thoughts…