January 13, 2022

Whoever Thought You Could Become Legendary!

His young, vibrant, growing financial planning team all know it.
The story.

The story of how he nearly died.

And how that pivotal experience changed his mind.
About so many things.

Things that ultimately matter very little in life. In business
And those that do. Profoundly.

They know how to share the story with clients.
To help them think again… about what really, truly matters in their lives.

The story informs their vision of a breath-taking tomorrow.
It helps guide their decisions – and advising – of today.

The story is behind the firm’s revenue transformation.
Behind their Firm-of-the-Year awards.

Yep. They’re becoming legendary.

As I look at the business strategy underlying our firm – The Soul Millionaire…
That, too, is founded on a story.

It started on the streets of Kings Cross, London.
A 28-year-old.

It culminates in what we do in our culture today.
18 of us…
Creating a journey for the heroes we work with.
Advisers, Planners and Leaders.

A Journey that transforms businesses. And lives.

The truth is…
Every one of us has a story to tell.

And – sadly – most of us think it’s not worth telling!
We fail to see how others could be intrigued by – inspired by – what we’ve been through.
By what we’ve learned.

The problems that life has thrown at us.
The people who have lifted and supported and taught us in dark moments.
The deserts we’ve had to cross.
The battles we’ve fought.
And the victories and beautiful oases that we’ve eventually tasted.

You, reading this.
You’re the hero of such a story.

What you’ve helped to create: your business.
That’s pretty heroic too.

The question is this:
Do you know how to construct and tell your story to the world?

How to make it fascinating to listen to?
How to make it memorable?

Because if you did know how…
That could change the fortunes of your business.
It could change your life.
Your story could become Legend!

If you don’t…
I’m happy to send you a copy of my most recent book:
The Flight of The Soul Millionaire.

(Just write to me at david@soulmillionaire.com )

It’ll show you how such a story is designed.
How it comes to life.

You don’t need to pay!

It’ll be our gift to you.

Because someone, somewhere out there, might need to hear your story.
And you could become their hero.