January 6, 2022

When You Discover What Makes You Unique

We were standing, staring at the wonder of it all.
Watching our girls and our boys.
Whilst they were frantically watching out for their own girls and their boys.

Your typical family birthday party.
Worrying hysterical laughter.
Lots of screams.
Loads of sugar.

And I couldn’t stop wondering about them.
How vastly different they were.

If you’ve experienced the privilege of bringing more than one child into this world.
You’ll have noticed it too.

They arrive so very different!
Even twins carve out their own path.

We, their parents just stand there and stare at the marvel and mystery of it all.
(As grandparents, things become even clearer; though more mystical.)

One of nature’s stunning twists of humour: mocking our wisdom.

Whatever we were expecting.
We’re proved wrong.

Which cocks a snook at the marketing cynics.
If the same parents can create such difference.

It can’t be difficult for the same profession to do the same.

Just takes a bit of thought and imagination; that’s all.

The thing is this…
Do you have it?
That bit of imagination, I mean?

I remember the years when I struggled to differentiate my own firm.
Until I came across some simple lines on a page.
Lines talking about something other than marketing.

They made such an impression on mind and heart…
They started me on such a road of discovery…
They felt so much like an explosion of light…

That I’m happy to share them with you right now.
So, here you go…

First sketch a simple 3-part Venn diagram.
You know, three large circles…
Overlapping, just a tad, in the centre of your page.

In one circle you write: “I’m Particularly Talented at This
In another circle you write: “I’m Deeply Inspired by This
In the third circle you write: This Meets a Significant Need in The World”

Now the real work starts.
The thinking.
The pondering.
The scribbling of ‘Ahas!’.

What on earth is this “THIS”?

Because in there is why you – and your business – could be so different.
Because in there is your Highest Point of Contribution in Business. In life.

Uncover that…
And every business decision you make will start to gain clarity, energy, inspiration, power.

Don’t fret if it doesn’t come rushing to you immediately.
I took months… years… to finally recognise mine.
My impact.
My difference.

But, I’ll tell you this right now.
When you do discover and uncover that difference…

You’ll give birth to something quite extraordinary.
You’ll create something magnetic.
To work with.
To work within.

But don’t kid yourself.

It will never match the miracle of nurturing a human life.
Even when they’ve guzzled too much sugar!