November 3, 2022

Which habit reaps rewards far greater than our effort?

There is such a power I’ve observed through the years.
A power so free, and available to all.
Proclaimed through millennia by philosophers and seers
Yet only in our lifetime holding science enthralled.

When woven into our work, it encourages our clients
To engage deeper with us, and pay us more than before.
When unleashed in our life, it enriches us greatly
In body, mind, spirit. Wouldn’t you love to know more!

It’s so obvious. When I tell you, you’ll kick yourself hard.
It’s ‘Gratitude’, you see. Such an old-fashioned thing!
Yet, join me now to look deeper. You’re about find out
Why, what’s seemingly so simple, is worth the ransom of kings.

 What medical research now shows us is this:
Those who embrace this trait fully are less frequent depressed.
Their lives show them enjoying more peace and wellbeing.
Greater happiness is evident; and reduced is their stress.

Where ‘Gratitude’ is practiced more frequently than not,
More fascinating outcomes are then brought to light.
Greater purpose wells up to give meaning to our skills.
And we’re wiser more quickly from each trouble and plight.

Where ‘Gratitude’ becomes a choice of how we will live,
Then our influence magnifies; and our work bears more fruit.
This selfless awareness tends to touch other lives.
We not only lift others. We lift ourselves, to boot!

The clincher for me is what happens when we choose
To make ‘Gratitude’ a priority. Our relationships bear more fruit.
And it’s true that no matter how highly qualified you are
In your business, Success has Relationships at its root.
This truth keep in mind: Success has Relationships at its root!