October 20, 2022

How do you create the greatest business legacy?

I cannot imagine there are any among us
Who care not for the mark that they leave when they’re done.
We each like to feel that our life truly matters.
Whether at work or at home, this strong feeling is one.

It’s this yearning to create something that lifts and inspires
That gives ‘legacy’ its meaning, beyond Wealth and Stuff.
And it’s within the reach of us each to create it.
I’ll now show you how, and pray this showing’s enough.

The first place to look is our role as a leader.
(Aren’t we all called to lead in some form in life’s sphere?)
The question is not how many followers you gather.
But rather, how many leaders you build for next year.

For it’s true that not one of us lives here forever.
And all success requires us to share what we know.
So why not commit to mentoring the next generation
And let your life’s wisdom flourish in what you sow?

Isn’t it true that what we know is most tested, when
We’re called to teach others? Then we’ll see just how well
We’ve mastered our craft. And one day we’ll stand back to
Gaze wondrously at those whom we’ve helped to excel.

It’s fine to measure our success in how much we’ve
Built and we’ve earned, and the praise that we’ve gained.
Yet, I’m pretty sure that our efforts will feel worth more
When even greater heights are scaled by those we’ve trained
When even greater heights are scaled by those we’ve trained.