March 1, 2024

Want to master a difficult subject? Devote more time to teaching it!

Yesterday, I was privileged to stand in for Melissa Kidd, as a speaker at the PFS XChange Conference… in Southampton.
The theme? ‘Later Life Planning Conundrums’.

One of those Yogi Bhajan quotes proved itself to be true once more:
“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something… teach it!”

Why was I so surprised, yet again?
And, what did I learn in preparing for, attending – and teaching – yesterday?

Well, I was reminded (by one small excerpt from the excellent, content-filled presentation by Charlie Reading) that…
“Legacy is not leaving something FOR people.
It’s leaving something IN people!”

I learned that what is being most tested when engaging in financial planning for those clients in these latter years of life is… our HUMANITY, our COMPASSION and our EMPATHY.

I learned that those younger Financial Planners – like Zoe Taylor LLAA – courageous enough to concentrate on this sector of our community… find their compassion multiplied.

They learn to step up from the ‘Measurement World’ that they were immersed in when entering Financial Services.

I learned that there are a surprising number of young folk – like Charlie Horrell – entering the world of financial planning and investment who passionately ‘get it’.
They’re keenly aware of the impact that they can have on people’s LIVES.
Not just their money.

I learned that there are leaders – like John Lester – equally passionate about investing heavily in those young folk… helping them to discover their genius and to rise to their possibilities.

I learned that there really is a 1st class honours degree in Event Management.
And that PFS team members like Megan Corby (who hold such a degree) masterfully, patiently teach old codgers like me… how to ‘get with’ the presentation technology of this decade.

Finally, I learned the power of VULNERABILITY.

The power of opening yourself up to judgement, ridicule and rejection by saying “Look, I’m flawed! I’m imperfect.”

And, in my case, “I’m Deaf! In these conference surroundings, when there is a so much background noise… I can’t discern your individual voice… unless I can read your lips! “

I’m grateful that I was reminded of these lessons yesterday.

I’m grateful that I can surround myself with such GOOD, talented people… in a world where so much is broken.

And I return to my theme…
“Want to master a difficult subject (and shape a better future)?
Devote more time to teaching it!”