February 23, 2024

If you’re lucky, work sometimes feels like you’re soaring!

One of the most enduring themes of childhood was lived out in my dreams.
In those dreams… I learned to fly!

Years later I encountered a fable of flight which captured the imagination of the world.

It was the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
A story that hauntingly (and comically) comments on our human behaviour.

This mesmerising little book tells of a seagull.
A seagull bored with the daily squabble over food.

Bored with the constant grabbing and gorging, of wanting more and more and more, to satisfy today’s appetites.

Jonathan is seized by a passion for flight – flight for its own glorious sake!
Eventually, outcast because of his passion and unwillingness to conform, he is taken by two gulls to meet the wisest of all gulls – Chiang.

Chiang teaches Jonathan how to move to anywhere in the universe. Anywhere. Instantly!

Then he sends Jonathan back to earth to find others like him; teaching them, and spreading his love of the glory of flight. Of soaring.

I’ve been haunted for years by the possibility that this fable speaks of the creation of extraordinary businesses: those that take flight. That soar.

I wondered how this could be done. Now I know.

And I wonder if you’re one of ‘them’. One of those outlandish souls. Those non-conformists. Those heretics, who want to carve a different path to the majority of your Financial Adviser peers.

Who want to soar above the constantly comparing and competing business sector you’re in… grabbing and grubbing for more and more and more.

Who want to break free from the habits that grip others.
Excellent advisers, with noble intentions. But they’re tethered to ‘earthbound’ habits.

If all this resonates with you…
I’d love to hear why.

I’d love to hear what makes you so radical.
So ready to use your work to impact this world around you… for good.

Write to me.

Soar with me.

I dare you!