September 1, 2022

Seeing into the heart of your client

Of course, we all think we’re quite wise and perceptive.
That we fully understand all the people we serve.
For we know we are bright. All our hard-won skills show that!
We think, naturally, the truth lies in what we observe.

Yet from more than one source have rich insights arisen.
A full decade of research which points out disconnects
Between what most firms believe that their clients are thinking
And feeling. The truth’s seldom what most do expect.

“Now, how do you know that I – your client – am happy?
What tangible evidence tells you that this is so?
‘Cos the research shows clearly that I might seem loyal
When I haven’t thought clearly where else I might go!”

“What is it I value that makes your firm so rewarding?
Beyond money worries, where’s my heartaches, my strife?
D’you honestly believe that my life’s all about money!
Do your questions reveal clear its context within my life?”

“How is it you show that you understand my yearnings?
That you know my life’s goals, and why, lately, they’ve changed?
In what way do you help me feel clear, calm and confident,
So that I feel resilient when all the world seems deranged?”

“Is this relationship centred on tax, cost-savings and markets?
Are your Reviews & Planning meetings a duty imposed?
Or have you worked out what I’d happily pay more for?
Let me know when you have. It’s more than you’d supposed!”

“Are you hearing my heart, or are you devoted to talking
To show me how clever and knowledgeable you are?
If you’d step beyond logic, you’d discover sooner what matters.
Let me know when you’re ready. And I’ll help you go far!
Let me know when you’re ready. And I’ll help you go far!”