December 15, 2023

Let’s celebrate your life!

It’s a story of such indescribable wonder.
It’s a story that heralds the Hope we all yearn.
A child, born in poverty, whose soft tiny hands hold
More Peace, Light and Joy… for those ready to learn.

Who’d know that a baby could grow to such promise!
Who’d possibly guess what his mission would be!
For hearts the world over, this season brings rejoicing
And anticipation of glorious possibility!

And then there is YOU! Come to earth in your own time.
The tears and the laughter that accompanied YOUR birth!
Your world held its breath, as it pondered your future.
Now, I wonder what impact you’ve made on this earth?

Whatever your role in this profession you’ve chosen,
What you know and you do touches many a soul.
Your choice now is HOW you fulfil your potential,
And what meaning and purpose lies behind your goals.

You could do a good work with your technical prowess.
You could rearrange money, and then save all that tax.
You could optimise how people’s wealth is invested.
But as a way to bless lives? There’s so much that work lacks!

If you could but see what your strivings could rise to!
If you could but see all the lives you could change!
Your profession gives you such unique opportunities!
And that many miss this point seems to me beyond strange.

You could bring such JOY, through the way you treat others.
To your clients and colleagues you could bring such HOPE.
You could bring more MEANING than just metrics and logic.
You could be the LIGHT as in the darkness they grope.

And so, I leave you with this wish and this prayer that
You’re blessed with the vision and strength to become
All that your birth did herald. And to that wish, this greeting
In dear Tiny Tim’s words: “God Bless Us, Every One!”
Let us echo that call: “God Bless Us, Every One!”