November 24, 2023

Be amazed! New kids on the block!

I know, it’s three weeks since we gathered in Wales,
Where we mingled and bantered; we did eat and did sup.
That PFS Conference made it clear things will change fast.
And the question worth asking is “How will we keep up?”

There was Catherine and Melissa showing how deep to fathom
To understand why our clients think and act as they do.
And it’s clear that advisers who insist on pure logic
To help them reach answers: well, they haven’t a clue!

There were well-tested words on ways better to serve folk.
And the sweets, pens and smoothies: me? I sampled the lot!
But the comments that full grabbed my throat and then shook me
Were the discoveries shared by young Rob and young Scott.

I’ve heard them described as our industry’s answer
To that Ant and Dec duo. Well, be that as it may.
They’re both younger and brighter than that I assure you.
And where their team’s going, well, watch them pave a new way!

Their subject was one which unsettles us Old ‘Uns.
Artificial Intelligence: how to harness its might.
With their business only formed a mere four months before then,
We all listened, amazed as their thinking took flight.

They showed us that this wasn’t about being efficient,
Although the speed of their systems did cause me to gasp.
What they understand well is the emotional engagement
Of clients. How to boost that was something they’d grasped.

But there’s more, so much more to this intrepid duo.
With their colleague – another Rob – they’re investing in skills
Which many discuss, but so very few practice:
Learning coaching means their work is hardly run-of-the-mill.

And that’s just the beginning, for they have no illusions,
That if they’re building a team then they’d better prepare
To go beyond financial planning, and learn how to lead folk.
Attending Leadership MasterClasses: that’s commitment that’s rare!

Now, all this is impressive. But there’s something else happening
Underneath all these skillsets and concepts they’ll learn.
It’s the completely new take on the morality that drives them.
Their guiding purpose makes their revenue a secondary concern.

They’re a breath of fresh air, and the future is with them.
In mere months, these young spirits are creating waves.
It’s a new world we’re facing! And a new generation
Is arising to change how we’ll all think and behave.
They’re arising to change how we’ll all think and behave.