April 13, 2023

Create magic. Develop this quality

It’s fascinating to see how an industry persuades us.
When we’re soothed by the message: “Let’s keep steady as we go.
We’ve come such a long way in our technical prowess.
Why should we not bask in accomplishments’ glow?”

Yes, we’ve worked hard to lift ourselves up by our bootstraps.
We’ve done what was needed to qualify for trust.
Look! We’re Chartered and Certified, with awards well deserv-ed.
And the work that we do is both noble and just!

Yet, I cannot help feeling that some might not see that
Our technical skills are the mere start of the flight.
They’re just one of four roles needed by this profession
If we intend to have impact, to excel… to delight. 

What then of these other three qualities important?
What else could we possibly be called to fulfil?
What’s missing, if we’re bringing superior knowledge
To solve clients’ problems? Is there more to learn still?

Good questions! So, let me share what I’m observing
When researching those firms who are different by far.
I’ll show you how others have pioneered and mastered
Those other three quadrants; and raised the crossbar.

For that role number 2 is The Manager of Projects.
And you might believe that’s the simplest of all.
But it’s a rare gift to be brilliant at spotting
What matters the most. What matters little at all.

Then there’s role number 3 (and again it’s a rare one)
Let’s cloth it with title: it’s The Great Entrepreneur.
There are many who honestly believe they possess this.
But when you know what’s required, I don’t think you’ll concur.

For an entrepreneur sees what others are blind to.
They’re obsessed with a vision others struggle to grasp.
Their will to o’ercome (what would paralyse folk ‘round them)
Helps them make tough decisions ‘til the future they clasp.

And finally we reach number 4 in our foursome.
What fuels all the others to soar higher and strong.
This quality – once obvious – multiplies every genius;
Causes those in their sphere to sing out their best song.

It’s the ability to lead in a way which inspires,
Which draws out the brilliance in all whom they touch.
The wisdom to invest in the gifts and the talents
of those who would follow; and draw from them so much.

By far the most powerful is this role amongst skillsets:
More dynamic than seeking objectives and goals.
It helps teams discover what’s outrageously possible.
It ignites so much passion lying dormant in souls.

Too few will give space for this character mighty.
Which means that your life could stand out from the crowd.
For the leader creates futures where others will blossom.
Many lives will bear fruit where they’ve sown and they’ve ploughed.
Many lives will bear fruit where they’ve sown and they’ve ploughed.