March 31, 2023

Are you the light in the darkness?

It’s dark jungle out there, and a world of sheer mayhem.
Or so media around us would have us believe.
How our clients are coping with this rich, toxic barrage
And maintaining their composure; well, it’s hard to conceive.

Yes, let’s not underplay modern life’s tough realities:
Markets dive, banks default, wars explode, deceits rage.
And so many are hearing: “Oh, we perish! We perish!”
It’s no wonder they call us, hoping we’ll be their sage.

Then there’s you. you have knowledge, and no shortness of wisdom,
When the Tweets and the papers and tonight’s news give fright.
There is you: with the skills to share calm and perspective.
There is you: in the darkness, you can stand as their light.

“But just how?” you may ask, “Can I soothe their sore fretting?”
It’s a question more frequent in these years it might seem.
For the speed of bad news fuelled by genius invention
Makes them feel like they’re drowning; like they’re in a bad dream.

Yet I speak with Advisers who don’t suffer this syndrome.
Whose clients, we find, feel more secure than their peers.
And we find that the basis of what’s happening, between them
And their Adviser, tends to quell those potential fears.

For their relationship is built on something other than money.
Investment performance? A secondary care on their mind.
Both parties have risen above those solutions financial,
And focused energy instead on the life to be designed.

It’s this thinking beyond what seems clever and complex;
This lifting of sight to more meaningful aims.
When you help them to see what is truly important,
Then you are their beacon. a safe, beckoning flame.

“The sky, it is falling!” so cries Henny Penny.
And too many are fearful, as they listen to her squawk.
But you can stand out in this storm, as it billows.
Your influence can calm them, when they each want to talk.

You can be there as their light in the darkness!
You can be there as their lighthouse from storm.
You can be there as the voice that helps soothes them.
And why will you shine? Because you’re different to the norm.
And why will you shine? Because you’re different to the norm.