February 4, 2021

Are You Completely Loopy Yet?

It happened to me twice this week.

Each time, I was feeling wretched.
(And my sweetheart, Wendy, will tell you that I do a truly convincing version of “wretched”)

My warm duvet, soft pillows, bar of Lindt ‘Raspberry Intense’ dark chocolate and two paracetamol…
…sang siren lullabies to me.

in each case, I never quite made it upstairs.

Why so?
Well, because – in each case – I was held ransom by speaking to an entrepreneur.

And both conversations were laced with laughter.

You see, when you meet another spirit as outrageously delusional as yours…
well, you just recognise the connection immediately.
And you simply can’t help laughing out loud about your own thinking and behaviour.

I mean…
Most of us recognise that something like 90% of all entrepreneurial efforts fail.
And we (who have failed) are only too keenly aware of the devastating pain of that bitter experience.

But, when we’ve picked ourselves up…
…we honestly believe that we’re part of the 10% who will make it in the next Mission Impossible venture.
That 10% who will shake up the world.

Completely Bonkers!

Which is why we keep laughing.

Because we never do find out if the extraordinary effort and ridiculous price are worth it.
We just know that – deep inside – we have no choice.

This feeling of “Let’s Create This!” will burst from our breast and tear us apart,
if we don’t give it birth and form.

You might ask “Whatever happened to your “wretched”?”
Well, I’ll tell you.

It’s so difficult to feel miserable, when you’re laughing!
A bit like rubbing your tummy while patting your head.
Your poor mind and body become so confused.
So, they default to “Happy”.

Which leads to this concluding thought today.

Businesses which are able to consciously harness a Culture of Fun…
Leaders who don’t take themselves so desperately seriously…
Are well rewarded.

In team engagement and passion.
In team unity and harmony.
In individual productivity.

It would seem that even “Slightly Bonkers” has its rewards.