January 28, 2021

Rising Higher through Tough Times!

We glanced away from the screen.
And towards each other.

I didn’t wish to cry.
But Wendy was already sobbing.

What a terrible milestone!

100,000 people disappearing from the face of the earth.
Carried off by this miniscule virus.
With all the collateral heartache attending the soft extinguishing of each life’s flame.
(Including members of our family).

The first words we could mutter were…
”How Blessed Are We?!

With all of our 6 months of moaning and groaning and recovering.
Look at us!
Still here!
Living and loving and rejoicing in the morning birdsong, and the sharp crispness of blue Winter skies.”

Yes, believe me. I know only too well that business and home life can be tough right now.

it’s tough when recession and/or pandemic hits our clients’ world.
And we need to spend extra time and energy soothing and assuring and re-educating and listening.

Yes, it’s tough when compliance and regulation suck energy from tasks we’d much rather be doing.

Yes, it’s tough when our PI cover is hammered.
And we wonder whether we’ll be authorised to conduct business next year.

But really.
Look at us!

Look at what we have learned by facing threats to our comfortable 1st World routines!
Look at how we have been forced to rethink our life!

While we can live and love and rejoice in morning birdsong, and the sharp crispness of blue Winter skies.

Wendy pointed to a Musical Theatre singer and actor to whom she loves to listen, almost daily.
(By ‘eck, he’s got a voice!)

Theatres closed.
Films halted.
A veritable kick in the soul.

What would YOU do?

Well, he’s diverted his extraordinary talents and energy to building his virtual business, teaching groups of Musical Theatre students to sing brilliantly.
Meanwhile, communicating with them daily, to lift their spirits and help them maintain perspective and confidence.

Then she pointed to a young lady we know and love.
Like those around her… a world suddenly plunged into the darkness of diminished possibilities.

What would YOU do?
Well, she started to do research on an extraordinary, inspiring woman whose story she unearthed.
Perhaps she could create a play or film-script from this research?
Mission Impossible?

Suddenly, potential creative opportunities have flown in from ‘West Wing’
Taking her breath away.

There’s no Lockdown on courage and creativity.
There’s no Lockdown on caring and compassion.
There’s no Lockdown on relishing and revelling in this beauteous home we call “Earth”.

There are those who will expend energy raging at, and blaming, forces they cannot control.

There are those who will learn from the pain, and…
reinvent and reshape the world that they can influence.
Inspiring others and creating small miracles in the process.

Let’s seek them out.
Let’s learn how to reshape and revitalise our life – our expectations – by heeding their example!
Let’s model that courageous behaviour for our clients; our team; our family.