June 4, 2020

It’s Time To Make a Bigger Impact

Those moments are emblazoned into our minds, aren’t they?

Big-History moments we can never forget.
Moments that we mark by remembering exactly where we were when we heard… or saw.

You know:
The Lockdown Announcement moment
The Wedding of That Celebrity moment
The Tournament/Medal/Cup That We Really Did Win moment
That Shock(ing) Election moment
The Death of a SuperStar moment
That London Olympics moment

And now…sadly…
we’re haunted by yet another set of ‘moments’.
Racial Riots.

We who have seen this throughout the decades of our lives…
We can become blase.
We sigh.
And we move on with our routine.

But our children, I’m finding, are stunned.
Stunned that the generations before them seem to blithely accept this ugly side of our humanity.
This bigotry. This prejudice. This belittling.
This mindless dislike and fear of those that are different.

So, they’re doing what we did… in our youth.
They’re protesting.
They’re calling us all to account.

And they need to.
Just as they’re starting to face us with Climate Change.

Because, none of us are innocent.
We all walk into our businesses with biases and ill-supported prejudices.

They shape how we lead the people we are responsible for.
They shape how team members treat each other.
They shape how we treat our clients.

If the solutions to our social ills (or our business problems) were easy.
We might have made massive progress in this Century.

We haven’t.

But the answers are uncomfortably simple.
Which means that there is far less wiggle-room for ignorance than we’d like.

Name some revered, legendary, larger-than-life, characters in our history… and you’ll see answers that elevate all of us.
Martin Luther King Junior.
Jesus of Nazareth.

Massive social transformation.
Starting with personal examination and change.
All underwritten by one sublime quality.



Imagine walking into work next Monday…

Determined to discover – and do something about – your own biases and blindnesses which impact others:
however scary that might sound.

Determined to seek out the very best quality and better future of every team member:
whatever their current behaviour.

Determined to seek and understand the beating heart of every client:
whatever else they want to talk about.

Determined to create a place where Joy supersedes Achievement as a culture:
whatever you might think creates your revenue.

The world – your world – would change.
It needs to.

I need to.
Because, the soaring, whispering, momentous truth is…
This healing starts with ME.