May 28, 2020

Light The Way. Let Them Follow!

It doesn’t work, you know.

Walking towards the postbox at night.
Which means heading towards the East along the A22 in East Grinstead.

Whilst looking West – and high – into the night sky.
Hoping to catch a shining glimpse of the International Space Station as it shoots overhead.

Firstly, we struggled to keep our balance, walking backwards.
Secondly – for the umpteenth time this Spring – we didn’t see a single thing.

Even more frustrating – and laughable – was the scene in our garden, 30 minutes later.

We were hoping to see the latest rocket launch by Elon Musk’s Space X.
But, seated in our wobbly chairs on the grass…
We heard that they’re still stuck in Florida.

Still, chatting and chuckling together in our Bee and Butterfly-inspired garden…
Well, that was a luverly way to soothe the spirit, breathe the honeysuckle perfume…
and say “adieu” to the day.

It seems that, even in a time of paralysis and frustration and misery…
There are still minds and souls who see what is gloriously possible.

They signal to us that it IS worth reaching for the stars.
It truly is worth reaching beyond our own self-centred appetites and wants and needs.

We don’t have to be billionaires to think that way.
We just have to care about the direction in which we’re headed together.
We just have to determine if there’s a better direction. For us. Perhaps for many of us.

And then all that’s needed is the intestinal fortitude – the guts – to change our own direction.
And in doing so…
To raise our sights beyond grabbing and grappling what’s in front of us. What is obvious.

It’s what Leaders do.
Not Managers.

Managers make efficient sense of what’s there.
Leaders give birth to what isn’t.

They set aside their own immediate needs.
Set aside whatever seems pressing and proximate (usually what shouts loudest).

They know that others will try to persuade them to hold on to safety. Revert to comfort.
Tell them not to risk that crazy dream.

But these crazy leaders seek for a world that’s better.
For everyone.

Then they say “Look… See… Will You Soar With Me Towards That World?”