October 29, 2020

A Massive Learning. But a Really Good One!

There are places in this world of ours where you can stand…
And never forget what you have seen.

Standing places , from which everything looks different.
Wendy experienced this, gazing from the Maasai Mara, in Africa.

Where the sky feels more mighty and vast than our gentle-island eyes could have imagined.
Where the heavens at night are unable to contain the stars and gaseous clusters that wheel and spin endlessly.

It’s at times like this when we’re taught just how tiny and insignificant our man-inspired plans can be.

Consider the serendipity of conversations that have come to me throughout this Autumn month.
Always with the same theme.

“How can I make plans and goals in business and life…
When everything around me is so uncertain from week to week?
When I’m stuck within this tiny sphere I’ve created for myself?
When I am trapped by a viral foe I cannot see or fight?”

What a fascinating schooling we’re being given.
We who would lead businesses and teams and clients towards a better place.

Lessons that we need to embrace, as we face a very different, unaccustomed future.
Lessons which can change our perspectives, and help us to think more clearly…
uncluttered by our urgent, myopic personal desires.

We’re being taught that – ultimately – we’re not in control.
Because universal principles are in control.

We can’t bend those to our will.
The choking state of Mother Earth can loudly testify to that.

But we can learn them… and use them to guide us in our better business decisions.
As long as we understand what they look like.
(What a struggle, if we don’t recognise what they are!)

We’re being taught that we’re not self-sufficient.
We depend so much on the minds and efforts and goodwill of many others.
Especially in our comfortable, complex First World culture.
We need each other.

What a revelation to rejoice over!
Because, self-sufficiency leads to only one destination:

We’re being taught that we’re not All Powerful Intelligences.
Indeed, our modern track record shows that – with all of our magnificent potential –
In practice, we’re not that bright at all.

The power of our intellect alone won’t create the world we yearn for.
Whether on a macro or micro scale.
And thinking that it can, merely leads to one character trait:

IQ dependency alone will always be insufficient in creating a firm, team or service which is irresistible and trusted long-term.

However… add ‘EQ’ (look it up)
And you’re looking at a power, skill and behaviour which elevates relationships and team effectiveness.

Add to that yet another strength… ‘SQ’
(I’m not sure you need me to explain that one!)
And you have a rich formula for a visionary, bold, caring business culture and strategy.

Develop those three ‘intelligences’ in balance…
And what emerges is Braver, More Selfless, More Inspiring Leadership.

Next time you feel frustrated by the (very real) limitations that a pandemic places upon you…
You might look up at the majesty of the night sky, and ask yourself…
”What is it I’m being asked to learn here – about me; about my impact on others?”