February 10, 2019

Your capacity to change this world

Chris glanced at me briefly. And smiled.

Then he started to pour the teas and coffees.

Those who were new to the quarterly meeting of UK Adviser Team Leaders were confused.

What was the Managing Director doing, serving each of us our tea or coffee?!
Shouldn’t he be starting the meeting, and asking us to quickly get our own drinks?

As we sat down, he looked at me; more carefully this time.
And smiled again.

He knew what I believed and valued.
And he’d studied enough to remember that this was the lesson in Leadership that Jesus of Nazareth taught his closest followers.

After washing their feet – filthy with grime and sewage from the streets – Jesus had looked at them, and said: “Whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant.”

Servant Leadership is as demanding as it is  powerful.

  • It requires equal measures of Courage and Humility;

  • It stops us using employees and clients as functions in satisfying our personal agenda;

  • It combines selflessness with rigorous business discipline… a Heart of Gold with a Mind of Steel

  • It enables us to leave a legacy… beyond a book of clients and a wodge of recurrent revenue.

You don’t need to build a team of employees to practice these qualities.
You can lead wherever you walk and work.

Learning to become a Servant Leader is an inherent part of The Soul Millionaire Journey (just look at your MasterClass Workbooks).
And, in your lifetime, you could never learn all that you need to learn.

The records remark that Jesus  “Went about doing good.”
Healing, lifting, giving Hope and Vision, Strength and Life.

With no accumulation of property, possessions, wealth or position… He changed the world, heart by heart.

I believe – as a Servant Leader in your business – you can do the same.

As you enjoy this well-deserved Easter Weekend with your Loved Ones, I hope that you find reason to laugh and rejoice.

And I pray that you’ll ponder the possibility of your capacity to bless the world around you.