February 10, 2019

Is this the unique ingredient in your business?

Chesley Burnett ‘Sully’ Sullenberger III became a national hero, as a result of landing US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River, on 15th January 2009.

All 155 passengers survived.

With both engines suddenly disabled by a passing flock of geese, and no way to reach the nearest airport…
…logic dictated that it was impossible to land the Airbus safely… anywhere!

Yet Sully came under investigation for Pilot Error.
Because some computer simulations said that he should have tried for La Guardia airport.
He stood to lose his career, pension rights, reputation… everything.

Thankfully, the flight recording and the salvaged, shattered engines finally proved the simulations wrong.

In the film, “Sully”, one of those chairing the public hearing said something like this…

“I can say with absolute confidence that, after speaking with the rest of the flight crew,
with bird experts, aviation engineers; after running through every scenario, after interviewing each player…
there is still an ‘X’ in this result.

And it is you, Captain Sullenberger.

Remove you from the equation, and the maths just fails.”

When we study the factors that help any business to own a unique position in the hearts and minds of (potential) clients…
… there is always one factor which is far from logical.

That factor is YOU:

  • The unique journey that only you have travelled;

  • the person you’ve become, as a result of that journey;

  • The person you’re intentionally becoming.

We bring our humanity to our work, whether we believe it, recognise it or like it.

Who you are and what you’ve become – your story – is part of the uniqueness in your business.

Everybody has a story.

When I was about to publish mine, I was embarrassed.
I thought that it wasn’t worth reading about.

It now seems that I was the only person who thought that.

Let the world know about your story.

They might decide they like what they hear.