February 10, 2019

Making Friday mean something more

This is why I love working here.
Seated at the bottom of my Bee & Butterfly garden.
Full length windows providing all the scenery I could desire.

Whatever the season or weather, I  am assured by the calm rhythm and purpose of Nature.
Flora and fauna responding miraculously to their surroundings… by concentrating on what is truly important.

The lessons are invaluable, constant and mesmerising.

The same cannot be said of our supposedly superior species.

Somebody coins a phrase such as “Black Friday”
And the country loses all sense of sanity, perspective and emotional well-being.
Plunging into a frenetic, gorging grab for whatever is trivial and shiny.

As long as it’s Half Price.

Our family is rocked today by news of the fragility of our humanity.

And we are humbled and quietened by Life. Particularly the brevity of it.
Forced to face questions about what Truly Matters in mortality’s season upon season.

For us, the name given to this crazy day of throwing money takes on another meaning.

Many of the projects seated neatly in my In-Tray seem less important somehow.

What rises to the surface…
What shines as a priority…
What becomes screamingly important…
Is the need to better nurture our relationships.

Family… team… clients… community.
All those people impacted by the ripples of our passing, and sometimes shortsighted, behaviour.

That, surely, is our priority.

I believe it is artificial and unhelpful to divide life into discrete segments: Home and Office.
In reality, our comings and goings are one indivisible whole.

They’re just Life.

And the quality of the relationships we nurture, the people we lift – wherever we are – will ultimately stand as the contribution we make.
The mark we make in this world.

Starting with this day we call “Friday”.