February 10, 2019

A windrush legacy

His delight and relief was palpable at my end of the phone.
Then, just as I’d expected, his chuckles changed to choking sobs and muttered “Thank You’s”

It had taken two frenetic weeks to help him and his family find accommodation, warmth, safety in this bitter British Winter.
To help them navigate the baffling route of immigration from a, literally, murderous environment in a chaotic city.

Now, for a few more delirious weeks, these highly skilled, faith-filled, bright, loving people could smile, rejoice, live without fear.

And I walked down my garden path towards my home… sobered, humbled.

Stepping into the warmth of my kitchen, I poured myself a hot drink of Caro, with a generous spoonful of honey.
Then shuffled lazily into our lounge, and sank into the comfort of a cream leather settee.

The log fire was ready to light. It would soon crackle merrily and dance gold and orange across our faces and warm walls.

I thought back to my parents, caught up in the Windrush exodus after the War.
And wandered what fears, officialdom and bigotry they faced, as they stepped off that ship, a lifetime ago.

Then I heaved a sigh of relief at the life that is mine.

Here I am… running my own business.
Living in my very own home.
Creating, coaching, lifting, encouraging, teaching, writing.
I decide the Why, What, How and Who of my day.

I’m free.
Blissfully, gorgeously FREE!

Free to make mistakes and enjoy triumphs.
Free to decide what I earn, and who I serve.
Free to keep my income without awaiting nighttime, threatening knocks on the door from local, kidnapping gangs.

I’m free to write this blog, and not look over my shoulder in fear of Political Correctness.
Free to speak my mind.
Free to worship, laugh, sing and play.
Free to design, build, shape the life that I want for me and my family.

From deep inside me erupts the desire to be more excellent at what I do.
To reach many, many more people with hope and help and encouragement.
To provide such an experience for them that our engagement becomes a transformative delight to them.

With all that we fret about.
With all about us – mankind – that needs to be so much better.

This really is an extraordinary, richly rewarding time to be alive.

May our behaviour towards each other, particularly in business, reflect that.